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A Caribbean Yacht Charter on a luxury power yacht charter vessel...where it meets the Atlantic. There lies a chain of sixty islands called the British Virgin Islands you can command your power yacht captain. With hundreds of secret bays and hidden coves, Caribbean yacht charters have long been a seafarers' haven. Inhabited by Arawak and Carib tribes and later renamed by Columbus, the islands were once teeming with pirates and privateers who preyed on the Spanish galleons bound for Europe with Incan gold.

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Today the pirates are no more, but travellers from all over the world still come to this place in the Caribbean to search for the little treasures which nature has hidden here. And be it a barefoot walk along some deserted beach, or a lazy afternoon spent swimming and snorkelling off of your own private motor boat, you are sure to leave the British Virgin Islands with memories to treasure.

Power Yacht Our Delight offers affordable, fully crewed charters in the Caribbean for 6 to 8 guests. This magnificent steel hull charter motor yacht is a 102' ft pure power, designed for private charters in the Caribbean Virgin Islands and New England.

Power Boat Our Delight is a strong, ocean going ship. Her generous 22' beam provides spacious living quarters. Lovely oak paneling throughout. Motor boat "Our Delight's" interior enhances her gracious traditional styling. You can enter "Our Delight" through the aft deck, where you can find a teak table seating up to eight and furnishings evoking the look of a lake cabin.

There is a wet bar for your comfort. It is the perfect place to spend most of your time while cruising as it provides exceptional viewing and great comfort. The cockpit is accessed from the aft deck where the transom door to the swim step provides easy and safe boarding for fishing and shore boats. Join us onboard for more details on the accomodation and specifications for this beautiful charter motor boat. Click on come aboard below.