Dear Bob and Lisa

This was our second booking with Our Delight and again had a wonderful family vacation. Our first trip with Bob, Lisa and Aphrah was in the Virgin Islands. A relaxing, laid back vacation. This one in contrast was, by our design, an on - the - go vacation, taking in sites, historic and otherwise and seeing New York and New England from the comfort and vantage of a private floating luxury hotel, Our Delight. Our two girls enjoyed the activities on board which in part included fishing, knee boarding and to their delight, jumping off the upper deck of the boat into the relatively warm New England water. As an added treat for us, Aphrah is our girls' age and having someone to play with was an added benefit for us as parents. The wonder of seeing these sites on a beautiful motor yacht, coupled with the service, and the genuine warmth of the crew made it a memorable vacation guaranteeing a return by our family in the not too distant future.

George Pardos 8/02/02

Dear Bob and Lisa

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful time the entire Flint family had on Our Delight. To begin with, the boat itself is magnificent. Very comfortable, even for 11 people, very clean and all the toys and amenities anyone would need to enjoy the Caribbean. And speaking as an individual who never thought cruising on anything other than a sailboat would me pleasurable, you have converted us! Although I am not ready to sell the Bristol!

I would also like to thank you for the flexible schedule that we were able to work out together, and for introducing veteran BVI sailors to new and beautiful anchorages. The sunset on our final night could not have been more perfect. How did you arrange that one? Last but not least, your crew was the best! There was not a moment on the trip that we were not taken care of, yet at the same time we clearly felt our privacy. And the food.......better than we could have expected. Every meal was wonderfully prepared and presented and was five star quality. Thanks again for a great vacation and we look forward to seeing you on the Chesapeake this summer and cruising with you again next year.

Warmest regards to all.
Peter Flint

" What an absolutely wonderful trip. Yesterday I was telling a group of 10 business associates how wonderful our spring break was. How enjoyable it was to be on Our Delight. Not worrying about where to go, what to do, what to eat... and not once being bored. Truly a wonderful vacation!"

John Knox, April 2002.

"Dear [Broker.]:
Thank you so much for arranging a fabulous family vacation for us aboard the yacht "Our Delight". We had a wonderful time cruising in the Leeward Islands with Bob, Lisa and Aphrah. We visited St. Martin, St. Barts and Anguilla islands during our fun filled week. It was one of the most memorable vacations we have ever had. Our teenage son and seven year old daughter enjoyed their time as much as my wife and I did. It was great family time together.
We enjoyed scuba diving, snorkeling, beach time and especially the gourmet food prepared by Lisa. Lisa, Bob and Aphrah were the consummate hosts making us feel very relaxed and comfortable aboard their yacht. Our time together was so pleasant that by the end of the week we became good friends and look forward to our next visit with them aboard "Our Delight". Thank you once again for arranging such a perfect holiday. Please feel free to use me as reference for both your company and our experience aboard "Our Delight"."

Tom Monahan, March 2002

"We recently returned from a wonderful trip in the Virgin Islands aboard "Our Delight". This was our first trip to the Virgin Islands and we could not have picked a better way to experience the area. Captain Bob was knowledgeable of the Islands, great areas to sightsee, snorkel, and moor for the evenings. His wife Lisa, the gourmet cook, Island drink expert, and wonderful host kept us fed, refreshed and happy. Their daughter, Aphrah provided support to mom in the kitchen and dad as a deckhand. The fourth member of the crew was Justin, who provided us with taxi service to the Islands and snorkeling spots. He also was always available to help us with whatever we needed. The great thing about all of them was that they gave us our privacy, but were also available when needed. "Our Delight" was a wonderful yacht to call home during our week stay. The covered aft deck was great place to enjoy our morning coffee, dine, and read. The aft deck was complete with a fully stocked liquor cabinet and a refrigerator full of beverages of our choosing. Many evenings after dinner we would move up to the upper deck to watch the stars and finish off the last glass of wine. Our staterooms were spacious and air-conditioned. For those of you who like hot showers and room to move around in the bathroom, you will find the accommodation great. The snorkeling was fantastic, the scenery was breathtaking, the water was warm, and the hiking on the Islands was exhilarating.
Thanks to a great crew and accommodations we had a wonderful trip and look forward to chartering "Our Delight" for exploring other Islands in the future."

January 2002, Dave & Ann, Dan & Linda,
Minneapolis, MN

"We recently had the pleasure of spending Christmas week aboard "Our Delight", touring the Virgin Islands. This was our first experience with a motor yacht charter and it was the most relaxing vacation week we have ever had! Prior to our arrival on the boat, Bob and Lisa communicated with us to discuss our likes, priorities, menus and itinerary. They were open to our suggestions and willing to accommodate our needs, such as meeting up with friends, and even inviting our friends and their FIVE children on board for dinner! Every day was spent motoring to another beautiful beach while kayaking, water skiing and snorkeling were always available to anyone who was interested. Lisa greeted us each morning with a delicious pot of brewed coffee, and managed to serve a cooked breakfast to 8 people who arose at different times of the morning. All of the meals were healthy, delicious and fresh, with a wide variety of foods served. Cocktails and wine were available whenever the mood struck. Bob and Lisa were able to balance making you feel comfortable on their boat, getting to know one another and yet allowing you your privacy. Their daughter, Aphrah was charming and friendly, but not the least bit intrusive. A week on the boat brought us all down a few notches, and we left feeling relaxed and rested. There were none of the hassles normally associated with traveling, and the service could not have been more accommodating. Highly recommended!

Lenore Sherman
Ridgewood, NJ

"Dear Lisa & Bob:
We are still thinking of our wonderful week with you and Aphrah. As our weather gets colder those warm days seem even better! Thanks again for a great time."

Pat Cappalonga, November 2001.

"We recently enjoyed a three-week charter on the yacht "Our Delight". Our itinerary was the British and American Virgin Islands as well as French and Dutch St. Martin and St. Barts. It was truly a trip to remember. Captain Bob is skillful and easy to be with. He assisted us in deciding each day's cruising to interesting Islands and beautiful beaches. He was helpful, accommodating the various desires of our children and grandchildren, who met us in two groups. Lisa, Bob's wife, mate and a skilled gourmet cook, treated us like royalty, anticipating our needs. Her warmth and friendliness made us feel like family. The couple's six-year-old daughter, Aphrah, was a good companion for our younger grandchildren. She is a great mate for Lisa and Bob, helping us all with kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing and tubing - Our Delight carries all the toys. The third mate for our charter was Stacey, a friendly and helpful choice. The week we had alone was memorable, re-visiting St. Barts and other Islands where we had spent many happy holidays. We enjoyed a lovely "second honeymoon" relaxing and waited upon by a crew of three plus Aphrah. All were careful to give us privacy as well. "Our Delight " offers luxurious accommodations. A lovely large master stateroom plus two smaller each with private bath, TV and tape VCR for guests to enjoy the extensive video collection aboard. The salon, aft deck and upper deck are spacious, well appointed, and have a great sound system for music. We look forward to a repeat cruise to different destinations sometime soon. Our children and grandchildren are ready too. We all agree "Our Delight" is delightful!"

Esther and Harry Shapiro,
Longboat Key, Fl.

"Dear Bob, Lisa, Aphrah, and Gail

Thank you for a great trip. Tess and I really enjoyed the superb hospitality you showed us during our trip from the West Indies thru St Barts and on to St Marten. We especially liked our stay at St Barts with all the neat shops, and the excellent scuba diving. However, Orient Beach was a show-stopper, if I ever saw one. Thank you Lisa for the wonderful food.

Bob, your suggestions on where to go were great. Gail, thank you for all the details that you took care of, and Aphrah, thank you "for just being you." When we decide to go on another trip to the Caribbean, we will be in touch. In the meantime, I will send all my friends to you for an experience of a lifetime."

Joe Stephens and Tess Taylor
Houston, Tx 77024

"Dear Bob and Lisa,

Well here we are in sunny Bermuda, temperature around 55 degrees F and missing our one week on board the good ship "Our Delight"... we wanted you to know that our week with you was and will always be one of those special moments in our lives. The ambiance, food and camaraderie was very, very special.

We also reiterate that Aphrah was very special to our holiday. She was exceptional. As we mused about on the trip, someday, somewhere, she will go down in the annals of the yachting world as 'one of a kind' . I will always remember watching her step off the boat in St. Barts and very professionally help the huge 110 foot Broward moor next door as if she had been born there. The look on the Captain's face as she smoothly handled the lines was just so amazing. You, two, are very lucky. We immediately went home and talked to our grandson, Mitchell, to inspire him to greater nautical heights.

Lisa, the way you just popped out the meals as if they were produced in a five star restaurant amazed us every day. We just relish in the culinary things we have learned like pesto in the olive oil. So healthy, so with it! Kevin and Adrian, you too, were so accommodating and so natural. We want to say a big thank you.... especially for the pesto...

And Bob, you are a master. Its because of the very professional and competent manner in which you handled the boat that Kim and I are now looking around to purchase our own boat hopefully to partake and enjoy the love of the sea you seem to have.
Talk to me about dates in the summer....

Love to you both"
Kim and Ward
February 1, 2001

"Dear Lisa, Bob and Aphrah:

Our trip this last month aboard Our Delight was a total pleasure. It allowed me to spend time with my kids and my wife that at times is hard to find. Lisa's cooking has prompted Cathy to consider a cooking course. (I will be the beneficiary of the trip beyond our stay!)

Our daughters enjoyed the time they had with Aphrah and it made for an even more relaxing trip for us. We appreciated the holiday decorations; made us all feel more in the holiday spirit. Bob, your encouraging me to dive the Rhone has re-kindled my interest in diving.

Your crew, Kevin and Adrienne were very attentive and courteous. We all enjoyed learning how to knee board! In short , our time on Our Delight was the BEST family vacation we had in a long time!!"

The Pardos family. Christmas 2000.

"I can't believe that our week on Our Delight has come and gone so quickly. It is rare when expectations for a trip or experience are so far exceeded. Our Delight is, of course, classic, comfortable, and wonderful as advertised. She is exactly the type of yacht we were looking for, and the perfect boat for our adventure to eight islands in seven days. This of course does not include those special hideaway spots that big boats aren't supposed to get into! The true bonus for us was the atmosphere aboard Our Delight. This is your home and together with Aphrah we have never felt more welcome. Your willingness to do anything, go anywhere sets you apart. It seemed like the only times we had off were to gather on the fantail and enjoy Lisa's extraordinary meals. Sylvia and I look forward to being aboard again. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime."

Frank A. Kissel, Dec.2000

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for sending me your recipe. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I will as soon as I purchase a pressure cooker----we had such a great time on the boat, we are still having a hard time adjusting after our vacation. I am sending you one of our Junior League Cookbooks. I hope you will find some good recipes in it—it’s also a pretty book, I think. Also, I have put in a gift for Aphrah. She can entertain herself with it. I know she like to draw. Richard & I are going to St. Barts in February, so we are looking forward to that. Thank you and everyone for making our trip special.

Dathel Georges, May 4, 1999

Dear Lisa and Bob,

We have not stopped talking about the time we had on OUR DELIGHT. It was such a pleasure to be aboard a boat with such a welcoming crew. Lisa, your meals were out of this world. I still would like the grain salad recipe. You and Bob were so accommodating to a rather hard-to-please group. We really appreciate your patience. As a whole, the trip to the BVI’s was truly a blast, we could not have enjoyed it without a team like you and Dianna and of course, Aphrah. Please say "hello" to her. We all miss having chocolate on our pillows at night…We will just have to come back!

Thank you again for your hospitality, we love it!

Take care,