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Captain Bob Brokaw and Chef Lisa Lundt, invite you aboard Power boat Our Delight, a classic yacht whose beautiful lines, gracious living spaces and first class furnishings will provide the perfect setting for your voyage. Together, Bob and Lisa will be your guides through the Caribbean yacht charters on a voyage filled with fun, relaxation and fine dining. They look forward to sharing the pleasures of the islands with you aboard Power boat Our Delight in one of nature's most beautiful areas. Bob, Lisa and their crew will make your vacation one of the finest you have ever taken.

Bob and Lisa first experienced the lure of the Caribbean together on their honeymoon in 1984. The Caribbean has attracted Bob since the late 1960's, when he worked his way through college and graduate school as a mate and skipper for a couple from Southern California aboard their private yacht. He is an accomplished boater, fisherman, photographer, and diver. Raised in a small farming community in Western Washington, Bob continues to maintain an active real estate business.

Lisa was raised in Seattle, a product of local schools with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Washington. She enjoys sharing her home, Power boat "OUR DELIGHT", with guests, and prepares outstanding meals for your enjoyment. Lisa is also a water sports enthusiast and may accompany you on a snorkeling or diving adventure. The family friendly crew includes a stewardess and mate, as well as Aphrah, our young Activities Director.

Come aboard one of our luxury crewed charters!

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